Wearing copper jewellery

Wearing copper jewellery can affect some people by leaving a dark or greenish skin colouration. This is no way harmful but obviously unsightly. The very fact that skin does turn green, is for some, a sign that the health benefits of wearing copper are actually working. However, some people with certain skin pHs have no problem wearing copper & their skin shows no sign of discolouration at all.

There are ways to help prevent this from happening mainly by sealing the jewellery so that the copper metal has little contact with the skin. I don’t like to use a spray laquer or varnish on my jewellery as I would fear that the varnish could peel or crack, completely ruining the design.I have discovered a microcrystalline wax called Rennaisance Wax that is commonly used by museums and galleries. This protects the jewellery from furter oxidation and also protects the wearer from skin discolouration.

For the few that are affected by wearing copper, wearing loose fitting copper jewellery that is not in close contact with the skin will not cause any problems anyway, especially if there are beads amonst the design that help stop the metal parts of the jewellery touching the skin.

Rennaisance Wax is avaialble from jewellery suppliers online.

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