Tips for Weaving with Wire

I have always admired other wire workers who can weave such intricate designs, in what seems an impossibly confined space. I started to feel an element of doubt to my own abilities and wondered why was it I never included this technique much to my jewellery. Was it because I couldn’t actually do it? So, I started to focus on weaving and gave it a proper go.

I am an impatient artist, I like to work very hard, sometimes for days without rest! But I like to work quickly and freely. So, weaving did not come natural to me.

Tips for weaving that I would like to suggest to fellow newbies to the technique are :

  1. Take your time
  2. Use the right gauge of wire
  3. Weave tightly & pull your wire taught.
  4. Invest in some nylon pliers to help smooth out any wire that may have got kinked while working.
  5. Check your work all the time for loose weaves etc. Then you don’t have to undo loads of work to fix it.

This week I managed to incorporate a bit of weaving to my designs. I proved to myself that I did have the technical ability which helped me feel a bit better about things. However, now I have done it I am not sure if it’s very ‘me’. Someone once called my work ‘whimsical and free-spirited’ and now I come to think about it I find the whole process of weaving very methodical.The weaving I managed is by no means flawless but overall, now I have taken my time a bit more the result is neater.

I am still undecided whether to concentrate on this more or return back to my free form style.





  1. Either way your work is gorgeous. But I do like your free form style it is very unique. Thank you for your tips on weaving. I don’t do a lot of weaving myself. But I do need to practice more on mine, to get it neat and tighter.

    • Amanda

      Hi Linda, I was useless at weaving before I practiced. Practice makes perfect as they say. Glad you found the tips useful.

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