Soft Silver Wire Jewellery Designs

My new order of silver wire arrived at the weekend!

I managed to get hold of some ‘soft’ silver plated wire from and it was a dream to work with. I find the usual silver plated wire a little hard and non malleable, that’s why I always prefer working with copper. However, this soft stuff really made a difference.

I do wish silver plate could be treated in the same way as copper. It’s still a little shiny for me but with silver prices ridiculously high it is the only option I have right now. I know a lot of people prefer silver and I  also find that silver offers more scope for different colour schemes than copper.

On forums I have visited recently I have heard that a lot of jewellers are turning to copper as a substitute for sterling silver because of its current price. I, however, LOVE copper anyway and is my metal of choice. The array of warm colours it turns when you oxidize and polish it. The feel and smell of this lovely metal, I really think it is under rated.

Anyway, the soft silver gave me a similar feel to copper in the way it handled so I created this intricate mother of pearl necklace. I decided to hang it on a simple faux suede thong as it was already quite a statement. A silver chain just made it look too ostentatious. The design was inspired by the shape of a butterfly and so it seemed natural to call it ‘Papillon’


Summer has finally arrived here in the UK and the glorious weather made me think of a day trip to the East Coast. I dream of living by the sea one day.  I teamed Cowrie shells with my favourite Turquoise gemstones creating two summery bracelet/ bangles.



Finally, I just couldn’t resist the copper! A symmetrical, overlapping design of open leaves and dark brown glass beads.



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