Oriental Tree of Life Necklace

I must be on a roll! That’s two necklaces in two weeks! I am so pleased I am starting to do more creative work. I have realised how important it is to have an outlet like this as it helps me cope with everyday life, calms me, relieves stress and helps me forget. It makes me happy and contented.

While sorting out my jewellery the other day I found two designs that could really do with more work. One was made as far back as two years ago and one more recent. I decided to rework them both and created a new piece that I just finished last night.

The design incorporated a Tree of Life which I thought would work stretching across the whole main section. I added Turquoise beads to represent blossoms and Apricot jade finished off the colour scheme.

The design has a real oriental feel to it and the colours and design reminds me of old Cloisonne vases but everyone sees different things in my work which I always find so interesting.

Cloisonne vase

Tree of life Necklace FI

oriental necklace

  Oriental Tree of Life necklace

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