Luna – Moon Goddess Necklace


So after playing around with silver for a bit and feeling detached from it I followed my heart and went back to copper. I love it, it’s warm, earthy and rich. It may be an inferior metal in the fact that it isn’t precious but it suits me and my style and I love it. That’s what is important. I always like to create jewellery that I love and would proudly wear.

This piece includes the thickest wire I have used to date. 10 gauge copper which needed some household heavy duty DIY pliers to cut! I included some Malachite for richness and toned it down with some cool Amazonite.

I haven’t had to think up names recently and really wondered what I should call this piece. This evening I looked out the window and noticed the full moon so it seemed appropriate to call this one ‘Luna’. The mix of green coloured stones like the tides changing around the central copper shape.

Luna – Pagan Necklace



  1. Darlene Patterson Reply

    Am I overlooking your prices or where do I go to see them.


    • Amanda

      Hi Darlene, please access my Etsy Shop to view items I currently have on sale. Thanks.

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