Ink and Paper


Painting is the most sublime thing I have ever discovered and my only sadness is that I didn’t really try it sooner. Since I started becoming a painter I have done very little else in the form of drawing or artwork. The rest of my time was spent immersed in my wirework and I switched between the two after spending a good few months at one discipline. When I am painting I feel like life just couldn’t be anything without it, it’s euphoric, engrossing, relaxing and takes me into states of mind that give me a huge sense of escape. Recently however, I have turned from canvas to paper, and paint to ink. It’s almost like I have come full circle as the very first pieces I did seriously were also ink on paper. The feeling I get when I am drawing is different, it’s not so packed with the highs and lows and seems more steady and regulated somehow.

I have always loved patterns, black ink drawings and illustrations and the more intricate the better. You can see some of my earlier ink drawings in my gallery. There is a similarity between the work I made previously and now and I feel like I am gaining confidence every time I start a new piece.

Here are some of the drawings I have been busy making in the last few weeks.


A study with Line


Leaf silhouettes

Trees on a Black Sky



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