Copper Bracelets – Weaving with Wire

I am practising weaving with copper wire more and more and I feel like I am really getting the hang of it now. I have finished three woven pieces so far: two necklaces, but this is my first bracelet.  So, I managed to make another bracelet – hurrah! That’s two in a week! Hopefully, my current small collection of bracelets will soon mount up.

I am by no means an expert but certainly feel more confident with the technique. At first I found weaving time-consuming and repetitive but I am finding it very helpful to know. Some ideas or projects just don’t turn out how you want, they seem unbalanced or just ugly to look at. Sometimes, they can be fixed or sorted with a just bit of weaving!

My favourite wire gauge for weaving is 0.4mm or 0.5mm. I find these two sizes are ideal as if the wire is too thick it is hard to weave and can kink badly, too thin and it can snap. The thicker 0.5 mm wire will mean you can secure it down better so is less likely to snag on the wearer, but 0.4mm wire works well in this respect too.

I used a purple veined Agate stone that I bought recently and it has the most wonderful lines and patternation. Purple is not a colour I work with much, but along with turning my hand to bracelet and bangle making I have also decided to have a change in the colours that I use. I will still always favour pale blues and turquoises as I love that colour combination with the warm copper tones of the wire. However, it’s all about providing choice, as not everyone loves blue.


Here is this weeks creation….. hope you like it.


Copper wire woven bracelet

Copper bracelet with purple agate stone and woven frame.

Copper bracelet


Weaving with wire


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