Copper Bracelets – Inspired by Iceland

After making the necklace ‘Icelandic Queen’ last year whose colours were very much inspired by the icy landscapes and fiery heart of Iceland, I decided to make a couple of bracelets in a similar vein.

The Ice Queen bracelet uses the cold coloured Amazonite stone that I love so much. Amazonite is also known as the ‘Hope Stone’ or ‘Amazon Stone’ and promotes kindness and balances emotions. It is a very calming¬† soothing stone and whether you believe in gemstones healing properties or not, pale blue/green is known to be a cooling, calming colour. It is also an excellent stone for artists as it improves self expression, I wonder if this is why I am drawn to it.

Amazonite is named after the Amazon River, although it is doubtful that it actually occurs there. It is more often found in the United States and Australia.

'Ice Queen'

Iceland’s fiery heart came to mind when I first saw this beautiful Sea Sediment Jasper stone. It has the most beautiful patternation in warm red, orange and yellow hues, almost like the ripples of undulating lava and the smoke and mist created when it hits the cold Scandinavian air. So this is ‘Fire Maiden’, my creation made from copper wire and that fiery Jasper stone.

Fire Maiden


You can see these and other gemstone bracelets I have made here




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