A bit like me

Its been quiet here on the creative front. Preparations for Christmas have been steadily going on and I have been making up a few bracelets to give as presents. As well as this I have been painting my latest piece , the biggest to date. What I will do with it or where it will go after it’s finished is another matter. I just had to try painting on a large scale to see how it felt, and, I can tell you it felt great!

The ginormous 5ft x 3ft canvas has been gracing my walls for about the last three months. I put it up blank so it wasn’t taking up valuable floor space in my little flat. I also thought staring into its enormity might spur me into action!

Here it is finished…..I think.

My artwork has been all over the place lately, no recurrent theme or style, and it got me realising the similarity between this and myself. I am still trying to find and understand myself, and in my work I am still trying to find out what I am good at and what I am about. It’s all an experiment, and like in life, I am certainly having fun finding out!


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