Place and Memory – The Book

It’s been a while since I wrote on my blog. My new role as development worker means I am spending most of my time at Inkwell and I’m afraid I haven’t been as creative in my spare time as I had hoped I would be. That aside, I do however have some very exciting news to share about my artwork and creative ventures!

The Place and Memory Book is now in the making and my fellow artist friends and I need your help.
A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise money for the publication of the Place and Memory Book.

Please donate if you can.

More details of the book and the Kickstarter campaign can be found here:

Just a reminder of our film that was made in the summer of 2013……

Urban Euphony

A Room with a View

Urban Euphony is an audio work recording of a walk through Leeds city centre. Snippets of dialogue offer a window into individual lives that have congregated and connected in this one space. The sounds were recorded starting at a window installation at Harvey Nichols travelling down Briggate and into Leeds Market capturing sounds of the city at work and play.


It’s been a journey of highs and lows, of self doubt and self confidence, of holding on and letting go, but it’s left me feeling positive about my future both creatively and mentally. I am of course referring to my part in the Place and Memory project over the last three months.

The greatest thing I will take away from this experience so far is the ability to slow down and to use the many different skill sets I do have, to not be afraid to experiment and feel confident enough to step out of my comfort zone. To take time to think and research, to conceptualise an idea before leaping into creating a finished piece. My work always used to have a fast turnaround, mainly due to my impatience, my perfectionism, my eagerness to throw myself in, sometimes without sufficient thought.

The exhibition preview evening at Holy Trinity last night was really well attended and I felt extremely proud to have been a part of this creative development of seven fellow artists. The work on show was all astounding, each piece reflecting our personalities and journey we had made.

Seed Pods by Sandy Holden

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The Exhibition – Place and Memory

I know it’s probably felt like I had disappeared off the face off the earth but rest assured I have been hard at my creative work. I just wish I could have had the time to share more of the journey with you! It’s been three intense months of research, ideas, learning and collaboration. The Place and Memory project has been a wonderful focus for me, I have been thinking a lot about my work and development. This has been refreshing as quite often life just gets in the way of what you’d rather be doing with your time.
I realise my jewellery work has taken a back seat and I feel that some restocking of my shop is urgently required.


The exhibition for the show looms within an uncomfortable distance now. Just a few more weeks to finalise those ideas. I settled on a 3D piece which, at first I envisaged to be on a grand scale but realised due to the sheer cost of the materials needed this was just out of the question. What will result will be far more intimate for the viewer.

The exhibition space is proving a bit tricky. It’s far from being that blank white cube we’re all used to these days. It is filled with wood, stone, textures and church fittings and monuments but I wanted to work with this in mind so have incorporated aspects of these materials into my piece of work.

Without giving too much away, here’s a sneaky look at what I’ve been doing……

The exhibition preview will take place on Friday 11th October, 6pm to 8pm, Holy Trinity Church, Boar Lane Leeds.

The exhibition continues from Saturday 12th to Saturday 19th October inclusive, 10am – 3pm Monday to Saturday.

I do hope you will be able to make it to the opening. More details of the film and exhibition will be posted soon.