New year, New beginnings and Inkwell

Hurrahh! we got through it didn’t we? 

I’m afraid I’m not a huge fan of Christmas, I find it quite disturbing how commercial and financially driven the whole thing has become. The hoards of shoppers, the stress, the expense, the pressure to have a good time, to get it right and to celebrate to such an excess. For many people I know it is a horrible time of year, dredging up memories and negative feelings such as inadequacy, loneliness and the immense pressure to be ‘happy’ seems completely unavoidable.

So coming out the other side into a brand New Year is always a relief, especially this year as I really have something to look forward to.

Shannon Post Card Back final

2014 will undoubtedly be an exciting year for me and I am looking forward to a new chance in life. In 2009 I joined an art project called Inkwell which has offered me opportunities both as an artist and a person which have turned my life around. Inkwell surrounded me with positivity and creativity and gave me a second chance for a bright future. It’s like a beacon on a dark day, helping you find your way by offering hope, support and kindness.

I have always kept aspects of my life private, in particular my struggle with my mental health. I suppose I didn’t want to be tarnished with this label, I wanted to be considered an artist first and foremost and to be taken seriously as one. It’s sad that in this day and age that mental health still has such a stigma attached to it, a stigma that makes you want to hide the very core of how you feel or the daily struggles you may face even though 1 in 4 of us will suffer at some point.

Inkwell Arts

 So, a new future begins tomorrow as tomorrow I start my new job as Inkwell’s Development Worker. As part of my new role I hope to help others flourish as artists and individuals on their journey to recovery. There is so much exciting stuff that happens at Inkwell and to be a part of it’s development will be both an honour and a pleasure.

With my new job offering a definite weekly routine I hope to succeed not only at my job but to continue with my personal creative outlet Wire Moon. Exciting plans are afoot for my jewellery and art in 2014. On my to do list this year: approach the Leeds Central Craft Gallery and other craft retailers to hopefully feature and sell my work and I’m planning a solo exhibition in the Autumn collaborating with media artists to create an animation as well as my own installation work.

However, most importantly, I want to dedicate time to practice and develop my art and jewellery skills and to continue to gain pleasure from expressing myself in this way. Creativity is my way of coping. It helps relieve stress and pressure, taking me to a place within me that is safe and fulfilling.

A year that is fulfilling? That sounds like a great year!

Wireworkers Guild

Wire bowl A

I get so many lovely comments and huge support on both my Facebook page and through my website, and as a result I get to meet many interesting people and supporters of my work. A few months back I was absolutely delighted to be asked to be a featured artist on the WireWorkers Guild, a jewellery blog written by Linda Jones.
Linda Jones, I’m sure many of you know, is an outstanding jewellery author, tutor and designer. With several published books under her belt she has also written for several magazines both in the UK and the US.
You can read the finished interview and article on WireWorkersGuild here. I am so honoured to be included next to such talented wire workers from across the world.



The amazing Linda Jones – Author, jewellery designer and tutor and all round lovely person!

Loves me loves me not

As a child I was brought up in the tropical country Malaysia and and was surrounded by flowers and plants vivid with colour. My mother was obsessed with flowers and our garden paid homage to her enthusiasm and adulation. We would take family trips to Fraser’s Hill, a rain forest hamlet, travelling up the winding hillside roads to reach the summit where the climate was a bit cooler. Temperatures all year round ranged between 18 -20 degrees Celcius and is a very popular place for bird watching and trekking. As well as the beautiful wildlife we would see Dahlias, Roses, Geraniums and other more European flower species in the nurseries there.


Green Magpie  – Birds of malaysia 


Morning Glory

It always surprises me that plants that are considered weeds in Malaysia could be something regarded as decorative and so exotic in the UK. Morning Glories for example, were the Bindweed equivalent in Malaysia and smothered fences and hedges with their bright blue trumpets. I could never understand why Malaysian gardeners hated them so much.

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Fresh Look for Autumn

Welcome to my new look Wire Moon website!

Autumn 2013


I hope you enjoy the new features included such as the new portfolio page which features some of my favourite pieces. This will also feature new work that I make this season.

I really enjoy updating and keeping up with new design trends when it comes to WordPress, and I can happily spend hours manipulating all the settings and options. I do apologise for any disruptions you may have had if visiting while the site has been under construction. There’s just a few more tweeks to do but hopefully these won’t interrupt your browsing pleasure.

The new site will be fully functioning in the next few days so hope you will pop back and visit me again soon.

I’m also pleased to announce that new items of jewellery are being created daily and are listed regularly in my Etsy Shop.


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