Wire Wrapped Donut Pendants

Mookite Pendant

After my trip to the bead shop in town I came home with a lovely Moukite Donut pendant. I chose it as I had never seen Moukite that colour before and felt it would work lovely with the copper wire and I was right!

I have always found donuts shapes so difficult to work with and never managed to fit them satisfactorily into one of my necklace designs. So, for a change, I decided to work a design around one of them.It was a challenge.

What it needed was a framework to work from and so that is where I started. The designs I completed used several techniques in one piece, coiling, hammering, weaving. I even tried a bit of symmetrical design work!


Moukite Donut pendant wire wrapped with copper.


By the time I had finished the first design I was hooked. I think I had a feel for what to do and luckily I managed to find one more pendant in my bead stash. Unfortunately I am not sure what the stone is, it is a soft mint green in colour and quite unusual. Usually I am very good at remembering what I have bought, or at least make sure I keep a note of it somewhere, but this one has left me guessing. I have a feeling it may be Jasper but cannot really confirm that yet.



Donut pendant with Aquamarine and copper tassles.





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