Wire Tea Lights and Ornaments


I haven’t really started work again since I had a break. I was determined to make a wire bowl this weekend and after many weeks of thinking up how to actually do this, I took the plunge and cracked on with it yesterday. I have made coiled pots and vessels before, inspired by African paper or woven bowls but I wanted to try to invent my own technique. The coil pots use so much wire plus they really hurt your hands, although, they are stunning when finished I can’t take full credit for their invention. I wanted something that was 100% my own.

I started to make a small dainty piece but it turned out way too small to stand alone. I felt so disheartened as the piece took me over four hours to make, plus it was the first thing I had done for weeks. I noticed a tea light holder sitting on my mantlepiece and Voila! it fitted as a snug base perfectly!  So this was the dawn of a new style of work – decorative ornamental pieces. It’s turned out so Art Nouveau in style, which was quite accidental. I do love the Art Nouveau period, free-flowing lines, nature and artists such as Klimt and Margaret Macdonald are a firm favourites of mine.

The Blackthorns by Margaret Macdonald (wife of Charles Rennie Mackintosh)



My Art Nouveau Wire Decorative Tea-Light Base


I am all excited again and the mind is buzzing with ideas on how this could be taken further. Unfortunately, the tea light holder is my own and is not in mint condition and there are a few tiny chips on the rim. I guess you could call it upcycled glass but am looking forward to finding some different pieces of glassware to upcycle. At least I know what I am doing for next time. It was really enjoyable making something completely different and I will definitely be experimenting more with this new idea.

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