Wire Moon – Vogue Magazine

It’s felt like ages since I wrote a blog post. My absence has been due to the fact that there has just been so much happening!

My last flirtation with wire was when I was making some rings which I am still yet to reach the stage where I am entirely happy with the designs. It’s one thing to produce something that is aesthetically pleasing but another entirely different thing creating something that would be strong and durable enough to wear on your hands. I think I may have worked out what is needed to fix them but just haven’t quite got round to finishing them yet.

So, I have three very exciting bits of news to share….firstly, I have started a new venture which has been taking up a lot of my head space. Next weekend I am opening a veggie arts cafe! I have been busy finalising a menu and designing bits and pieces for it, obviously sourcing suppliers and finding staff too. It’s been hectic to say the least.

Then, amongst all this, I received an email out of the blue from the Editor of Jewellery Making Magazine commissioning me to write a tutorial for one of their issues. I couldn’t believe that she had found me and contacted me.  The discussions are still on going so I cannot give any specifics on when this will be happening or a date for when it would be likely to be published.

A week later, something quite extraordinary happened. On checking my spam folder I found another email, this time from Vogue Magazine. I was intrigued so opened it up. It took a couple of reads to realise what it was actually saying as the usual sceptic in me thought that this has to be a scam right? Well it turns out it wasn’t and I am delighted to announce that Wire Moon will be included into the January issue of Vogue which is out on the 10th December!

I would be included on a page filled with other jewellery. The feature is titled ‘Bobby Dazzlers’ and would be along the same lines as these example pages shown below.



I am completely shocked that Vogue have contacted me and feel extremely honoured and flattered too. The internet is an amazing place, you just don’t know who is out there! I have chosen my image that will be included into the January issue so know what to expect. I am obviously feeling very excited now and am feeling a little impatient as I can’t wait to see it print. December 10th is in my diary and a trip down to the newsagent is already booked in!



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