Wire Decorative Vase


So, I managed to find some lovely crackle vases in the stores. I bought seven of them so was obviously feeling energetic that day!

Progressing on from the wire tea light I made previously I started to work on this taller slimmer vase. The overall technique I am using seems to be working and is giving quite a snug fit although I still feel like I need to get the wirework right. The wire base is not removable so it does mean that when oxidising the copper, the whole item needs to be submerged into the oxidising liquid. I don’t know yet if this will affect any colour or glaze added onto the glassware I chose to wire wrap. I will have to report back to you on that one – this plain clear vase was not affected in anyway I am pleased to say.


The Turquoise and Blue Agate beads were used again as they are the only small beads I seem to have in my bead tray!  And for those who know my work, know that whenever in doubt I always turn to blues and greens when adding colour to my copper work.



I felt the balance wasn’t quite right so more wire was added and I gave the wire base an asymmetrical edge. Of course, oxidising it twice meant the copper darkened further. I am also unsure whether the crackle effect on the glass is distracting against the wirework. It’s still work in progress but I have definitely enjoyed playing around with this new idea of mine.

Wire Work Decorative Vase

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