Meet Willow

I wanted to introduce you to my partner in crime . If you haven’t guessed already, she is my beautiful Siamese cross cat!

She has got me through some dark times and has been my inspiration to start again. I have had her for three years now and everyday has felt blessed. I feel honoured to have her in my life. Everyone has their ups and downs, only for some the downs can be very dark days indeed. Dark days for me, often lead to periods of a complete lack of creativity, the will to pick up a paint brush, pencil or some pliers doesn’t come easy. She is my constant, she is my angel, my reminder that life can be beautiful.

Without Willow there would have been no Wire Moon. It was actually going to be called Willow Moon but someone had already taken the name. I suppose it was a blessing as Willow Moon could imply that I am a basket weaver or willow artist so ‘Wire’ seemed very appropriate. The ‘Moon’ is reference to the fact that I live by the moon, and so does Willow. We are both really affected by the lunar phase as I have bad migraines and she just tends to go completely loopy!



She will often sit at my feet while I spend hours working on my jewellery or painting. She loves to fish beads out of the bead trays with her paws, needless to say, soon after which I will be on all fours looking for said bead to complete my project! When deliveries of beads or wires arrive she HAS to be there when the parcels are opened ( I think more for the fact that she thinks its a new toy from her favourite petshop!)

Well, after so much hard work helping me she takes herself off for a nap. It’s tiring being someones inspiration! As you can see, she just loves putting her feet up!


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