Walford Mills

Well, time seems to have flown by since I was invited to take part in the All Wired Up exhibition at Walford Mills. I knew it would. I got the surprise of my life to receive an email saying I only had a month left to get the work submitted! I was first told about the exhibition sometime last year but knew that once Christmas was over, January would fly by, and before I knew it I would have to be ready.

Needless to say, I am busy working towards the show. I am in the middle of making a wire bowl which is hard, repetitive work and very time-consuming but I hope the results will be a worthy exhibition piece.

Thankfully, I am now fully equipped and prepared to get going and with a houseful of fresh wire supplies I am spending every spare minute I have wire working. The icy weather and snow that hit Britain last week slowed everything down, parcels of supplies didn’t arrive and I was frustrated and itching to get started.

Using what I had left wire wise I managed to make this chunky symmetrical piece which I think I will be sending along with some new designs and some older pieces.


The exhibtion runs from Saturday March 2nd – Sunday 14th April.



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