Venus Earth sister

Well, I’m definitely on a roll with the jewellery making and I’m pleased to be back blogging too. My first week back at work was exhausting, I don’t think my feet touched the floor for three whole days! I’ve still managed to make some new pieces during the week and my new Venus necklace was the first.

venus artisan jewellery

The soft neutral gemstone deserved a design that complimented it’s delicate nature so using finer gauge wire that what I’m used to I created this woven asymmetrical piece. Deciding on a name wasn’t difficult as the smokey yet fiery warm hues of the circular stone reminded me of the colours of the planet Venus. The stones milky colours were evocative of the permanent cloud cover and dense atmosphere over the planet. Not knowing a great deal about the planet I looked it up. It’s amazing how jewellery making teaches you other stuff at the same time! I thought I would share three interesting basic facts about Venus:

The planet was named after the Roman Goddess of Love and it is the brightest natural object in the night sky after the moon.

It is often called Earth’s Sister – due to it’s similarity in size, mass and rocky body structure.

It is one of four terrestrial planets in our solar system and is by far the hottest. The surface of Venus is often described as hellish. This temperature is higher than temperatures used to achieve sterilization.



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