Just trying something different – Paper cut decorations

At the moment I am completely fascinated with the art of paper cutting. As a bit of a change from jewellery I really want to learn and master this art. After ordering some books from Amazon, which, in truth, I was a bit disappointed with, I decided to take matters into my own hands and just have a go. I designed a simple pattern of leaves and just cut them out! This is my first practice piece just to get used to cutting paper, so decided to keep it really simple.

Here they are draped over a star lantern, but they did also look equally as good over a plain white lampshade. I am pretty happy with the results considering its such a simple design. It is a long way off the intricate patterns and sculptures that are obtainable with paper cutting…. but we all have to start somewhere! I have a list of tools to get so am hoping more intricate cuts will be possible next time.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be making jewellery! Especially as a new order of lovely sea gemstone beads arrived this morning in the post. I have an idea what to do with them so it won’t be long before I get the pliers back out!

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