Tribal Jewellery


Having been inspired by Art Nouveau, Klimt, soft curving lines and free form wire working for sometime I have veered towards more tribal and ethnic design this last week. Since I made the head circlet where I combined two techniques, making more pieces like this seemed like a good step forwards.

So, I have made two pieces that do just that!

I loved making the slave bracelet so much I made another ring and hand ornamental piece. I love Yellow Cracked Agate, it is my stone of choice at  the  moment so included some in both these new pieces.

Slave bracelet with adjustable ring and bracelet.


Tribal Nomadic Blade Necklace


Beautiful Yellow Cracked Agate

Both these pieces feel like they could be the start of a whole new body of work – The Tribal Collection, taking inspiration from the Middle East and Africa.





  1. Carole Carrick Reply

    I am loving looking through your jewellery…I enjoy making my own copper wire rings and pendants…nowhere near as good as yours but you have given me so much inspiration…thank you!

    • Amanda

      Hi carole, do you have a werbsite or page? Would love to see what you make. Copper is just my favourite material to work with. Enjoy your wireworking!

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