Happy New year to one and all!

2011 was a crazy year for me, the most important venture was starting my Wire Moon website where I have loved sharing with you my journey into making jewellery and art.

Not sure what plans are for this year yet we’ll see where it goes!

I have always loved painting trees and been enthralled by their majesty. When you just take a minute to look at them and wonder, there is no question why.

Trees are a mystical, magical life force, each having a unique story to tell. Their surroundings may change but they remain standing proud & full of glory. If trees could speak they would have  infinite stories to tell.  Some trees have lived over 4000 years and are the oldest living things on our planet, some have been through our world wars, our industrial development while cities have been built around them. Each one has a wealth of life sustained in its bark, leaves, branches and roots.

Trees are our planets lungs, providing oxygen to the air and consuming pollutants such as Carbon Dioxide, they help the ozone layer, and reduce carbon emissions. They keep our planet clean. Is it a wonder we see them as trees of life?

Everybody feels good about trees, it’s been proven that trees have a positive mental and physical effect on us. Imagine our world without trees, what a bleak, desolate and uninspiring place it would be.


There’s nothing that keeps its youth,
So far as I know, but a tree and truth.

Oliver Wendell Holmes



New Life
Acrylic on canvas
100cm x100cm


 Tree of Life
Acrylic on canvas
80 x 60cm

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