Tree of Life

I can’t believe I didn’t find time to post in my three weeks holiday but Christmas and New Year is always such a busy time of year for everyone, always so much to plan and do!

In my break away from work it gave me time to think about new ideas and designs. During December, a friend wanted me to make another tree of life necklace for her and it got me thinking that all of my tree of life designs have been popular. Was it time to do a whole collection of Trees of Life?

The tree of life is such a well-known and well-loved symbol that spans many religions, beliefs and philosophies. It alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet and is often seen as a symbol of immortality or fertility.

As a fairly spiritual person but also a scientist I love the tree of life symbol for two reasons. From a scientific point of view, and this is reflected a lot in my artwork, the tree of life depicts a whole eco-system, the world is indeed connected by symbiotic relationships and a natural hierarchy, we all need each other to live and survive.

This was the basis of one of my recent paintings. The tiny circles delineating the microscopic life, in their millions, found in and amongst each leaf and branch.


Tree of Life – acrylic on canvas

So, it seemed natural to create a whole new collection of jewellery pieces on what was a popular conception but also something so dear to my heart.

Here was the first tree of life pendant I created, using Amazonite I filled the branches full so the tree was bursting with life.

 Amazonite Tree of Life

Then my designs got more elaborate…..

Finally, my latest piece symbolises our whole planet – Earth who is represented by the beautiful dark Blue Agate focal stone. The colourings which range from browns and rusts to mossy greens and Turquoise looks just like our beautiful planet as seen from the sky. Earth is surrounded by branches and roots that illustrate the abundance of life.

‘Mother Earth’ Agate and Amazonite copper necklace

I have realy enjoyed working on these piecses and i think a few more will be made before I feel i have completed my journey with this. If you would like to see more of my paintings, many of which are trees you can view the gallery here.

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