It’s been a journey of highs and lows, of self doubt and self confidence, of holding on and letting go, but it’s left me feeling positive about my future both creatively and mentally. I am of course referring to my part in the Place and Memory project over the last three months.

The greatest thing I will take away from this experience so far is the ability to slow down and to use the many different skill sets I do have, to not be afraid to experiment and feel confident enough to step out of my comfort zone. To take time to think and research, to conceptualise an idea before leaping into creating a finished piece. My work always used to have a fast turnaround, mainly due to my impatience, my perfectionism, my eagerness to throw myself in, sometimes without sufficient thought.

The exhibition preview evening at Holy Trinity last night was really well attended and I felt extremely proud to have been a part of this creative development of seven fellow artists. The work on show was all astounding, each piece reflecting our personalities and journey we had made.

Seed Pods by Sandy Holden

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Amanda Burton Artist on Facebook

Tree of Life close up P&M

My Wire Moon Facebook page was getting a little confused with my other work such as paintings and drawings so I’ve created a brand new page dedicated to my art and creative musings. I will still be posting on Wire Moon any jewellery related work or ideas that I want to share.

Amanda Burton Artist‘ has been set up a day or two and I am completely overwhelmed with the response and support so far. Thank you so much!

Please have a look and visit my brand new Facebook page. Press like if that’s what you feel and hope you enjoy!


Inspirational Illustrators


Some of my favourite illustrators can be found in one book, and that is – ‘Ilusive’ – Contemporary Illustration Part 3.

The whole series of books is really high quality. I only own this one out of the series and it’s definitely a favourite, filled with gorgeous drawings and work by over 200 artists established or up and coming, it also includes interviews and high quality colour images of their work.

Some of the artists whose work stand out for me are Swedish born illustrator Petra Borner



Joe McLaren  for his beautiful book covers and moody drawings



and Gabriel Moreno whose interview was included in this book. He has since been asked to create a piece for the cover of Illusive Part 4. The detail in his work just astounds me.




Ink and Colour Illustration


Having been working on black and white colour schemes for a while I decided I would try a touch of colour. Anyone who knows my work knows I won’t stay away from colours for long.

I have always been interested in illustrative work and tried to include it to a certain extent into my paintings with the use of repeating patterns, circles and lines. Returning back to paper and ink I could get a lot more detail in than before. I still need to get hold of some proper Rotring technical drawing pens, these just aren’t fine enough and I’ve learnt that the paper has to be right too. Still, overall I am pleased with how it’s turned out but there is definitely plenty of room for improvement. That’s what I love about what I do. I love learning new skills, even if it’s the littlest detail that might help you to get a better result the next time, applying what you have learnt and hopefully edging towards something created to the best of your ability.



Untitled I- 2012