A new way of working

Organic, impulsive, unintended, spontaneous – that’s how I normally approach my work and pretty much most things I do.

I don’t spend a lot of time pre-planning or thinking I just dive in and see what happens. The first step is always the hardest. In both aspects of my work, my jewellery and painting, when I am faced with a blank canvas or bare piece of straight wire it’s then that I feel the most vulnerable. If it’s wire I’ll just bend it, if its a canvas I just get the biggest brush I have and make my first mark. If it’s wrong it can be redone, the point for me is just to start.

My latest wire work piece started in this manner but once the first line was in place I became very determined to work with symmetry and precision. This is unusual for me, but I actually enjoyed the challenge and clarity of what I was trying to achieve. The result was this antique style necklace that I’ve decided to call ‘Grace’.

Grace copper wire jewelry


Grace turquoise copper necklace

This necklace sold in record time and received the highest hits on my Facebook page since I made ‘Boudicca’. I was quite taken a back. Naturally, every artist feeds off positive feedback and comments so my immediate response was to make something similar again, to try master the technique of making symmetrical designs. I wonder how other jewellers would respond to this? Does one make to please oneself, or to please others?

I now have two free days to create more work and at least for now have managed to balance my working life and creative time better. I’m just going to see what evolves next!




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