Spirals and Leaves

Friday 21st December was the winter solstice which thankfully means the days are getting longer again. I am sure I suffer a little from SAD, the long dark days always leave me feeling so low. To mark this occassion I designed a bangle that represents the two solstice points in natures cycle as I look forward to June when we are celebrating the longest day of the year.

I look forward to the new year ahead after 2012 was one of the worst years I can remeber, so much tragedy and loss, but on the other hand so much to be thankful for too. With Vogue out this month I really feel as if my hard work  and dedication is finally paying off.

My Solstice bangle is made up of two large spirals, each representing the longest and shortest days in the calender.


Solstice Bangle

Following on from this design came my latest piece which expands from the spiral shapes used. With the addition of leaf shapes and beads it has become one of my favourite pieces I have made so far and according to my Facebook page a very popular design with my followers too. The design is quite unusual in the fact that it clasps at the front. Filled with Amazonite beads and copper beads forming petal shapes I named this piece Tree Nymph.

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