Simple Copper Wire Necklace

'Entwined Leaf' copper wire work necklace

I am loving working with copper. It’s so soft and malleable and I love the way each piece oxidises differently. I know sterling silver is probably more popular but silver prices are sky-high right now and I want to keep my jewellery affordable. I think copper will become more and more popular due to this and I know a lot of jewellery artisans are switching to this beautiful metal.

I am still enjoying the soon arrival of summer and have made some simpler designs both inspired by nature.

Copper Midnight Choker

Simple Leaf choker

Do you remember those wonderful gemstone pendants I ordered?  This was my first attempt at making a pendant bezel and have learnt a few more new techniques to finish the others. Luckily I was able to cover the drilled hole with a small copper spiral.





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