Silver necklace

I am so excited I can barely get the words typed fast enough!

I have just made my first ever proper silver wire piece of jewellery!

It was a long day yesterday and when I got home I was met with a small white parcel sitting on my doorstep. I knew as soon as it said it was from the States that it would be the silver wire I ordered from Etsy. Silver, even silver filled, is so much more expensive than copper and could feel by the weight of the parcel that there wasn’t much in there for my £120. It didn’t matter, I was just so excited it had arrived!

After ordering some food (which is a Friday night treat) and still really tired, I just couldn’t wait to have a go at making something. I tried to sketch some designs but it had been so long since I made any jewellery I felt really out of practice. So, in my typical style, I just dived in!

The silver feels divine. It’s soft and smooth and handles very much like copper. I am so glad I got the dead soft wire. That was something I was worried about – that I would end up ordering the wrong kind. I worried it would feel like Silver plated wire which is far too hard and kinks easily, but it was perfect!

The main difference is a psychological one. It really does feel precious, and I suppose it is part precious metal after all. I am much more careful when cutting lengths that I don’t give myself too much extra to play with. It’s made me realise how wasteful I was when working with the copper and that’s something I need to address.

So….here it is….my first ever Silver Filled wire necklace. I used Turquoise ( again!) but it is a classic combination.



 A simpler, more contemporary version of the necklace. After first oxidisation.

I am still getting used to oxidising it. I eneded up oxidising it twice as wanted to darken the colour further. ( see both pics)


Silver filled wire wrapped necklace with Turquise chips. Oxidised a second time to give darker tones.








  1. Melissa Reply

    Could I ask what type and gauge wire you used ? Your work is simply gorgeous !

    • Amanda

      Hi Melissa, I use a whole range of wire thicknesses. The bulk of my work is probably formed using 1mm -1.6mm wires. Hope this helps.

  2. Wow, that is absolutely beautiful! You are so talented with wire. I just started wire wrapping and it’s so much fun. Thank you for your inspiration!

    • Amanda

      Hi Erin, thank you 🙂

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