Shiva Eye Jewellery

Following from the Shiva ring I made earlier this month I dreamt up an idea last night to combine several of these components together. I have an old Bollywood style Lapis Lazuli necklace which has a cascade of stones that sit decoratively on the neckline. I have always loved this idea and have wanted to create a piece inspired from it for a while now.

So, I set straight to work on it this morning and was excited to have such a specific idea in mind. It was also really lovely to actually have a day to do some wire work for a change!

The pale blue Amazonite stones I used in this necklace sitting against the rich warm copper reminded me of the beautful pale blue/ grey eyes that some Asian ladies have married beautifully against their warm copper toned skin. The coil decoration in front of the stones is reminiscent of the Shiva shell and that was the inspiration behind the name for these pieces.

My original idea was to make the centrepiece bigger but realised it would drop too low – trust me to get carried away with my ideas!

With the spare pieces I had made I created a pair of earrings to join the collection.

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  1. Seymour Reply

    Very attractive piece. Great take off from the Shiva shell. I am extremely fascinated with Shiva shells myself.

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