Sahara Queen Silver Necklace

I am still trying to learn how to use the silver wire I bought to the best effect. I have, rather annoyingly, wasted a lot of wire doing designs that just don’t work in silver. Less is definitely more.

Aother thing I have picked up is that the oxidisation process just needs the lightest touch. It’s so easy to get a dark pewter colour to the metal which I feel destroys the silvers beauty and delicateness. If you would like to know how to oxidize jewellery you can visit my tutorial to read more.

I mean, thank goodness it’s not sterling silver wire or I don’t think I could forgive myself!. A friend did suggest I take any scraps to a dealer to get cash in exchange wich is just a brilliant idea!

I am also struggling a little trying to get used to not over working the wire. The main difference between silver filled and copper is that silver filled wire does harden quite quickly if worked too much. Copper could be worked over and over and it was fine.


Work In Progress – Sahara Queen

Here is my Sahara Queen Necklace using the colours of the desert. The turquouse adds an Eastern feel to this piece and are like little oases hidden among the Agate drops.


Sahara Queen

Sahara Queen Necklace – (Silver, Agate and Turquoise.)

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