I had not made any rings for ages but decided to have a go at designing a couple at the weekend. I always find rings quite tricky, working on such a small scale and making sure the design looks good AND is durable and comfortable enough to wear. Rings take the most bashing around, more so than necklaces or bracelets so need to be designed with care.

I came up with two designs, these are not quite ready to go yet until more tests and adjustments are made. I wore the Turquoise Cluster ring the other day and found that the central coiling needs to be more rigid as had a tendency to lift upwards. I feel the design is worth persevering with to get just right as I think they are both aesthetically pleasing.

The Shiva ring hasn’t been through the work test yet but would imagine to be the stronger out of the two.  I thought I would share the photos of my work in progress, so here they are…..


Turquoise Cluster Ring



Shiva Eye Ring with Amazonite and copper wire


  1. Milam Reply

    i love the Authentic style you have. Your creations are gorgeous.

    • Amanda

      Thanks Milam. Your comments are lovely.

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