Reworked Copper Wire Jewellery

Copper butterflies Necklace

I recently made some pieces which I felt weren’t up to scratch so I’ve been busy tweaking them this weekend.

The Butterfly Tiara I made looked beautiful on but I felt that the headband was a little short and therefore unstable, especially under the weight of all those freshwater pearls.

It now looks like this….much happier with this I think. It’s now one of my favourite pieces!



Another reworking was Phoebe’s necklace.


Now reshaped and adorned with butterflies and swirls. I do like using these copper butterfly beads at the moment!


However, my mission was to make more earrings, not more necklaces! I just can’t leave stuff alone if its not quite right. I wonder if all us creatives are a little OCD sometimes?!!

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  1. Shani Williams Reply

    Absolutely beautiful

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