Place and Memory

It’s been ages since I last blogged. Life’s been hectic and my work at Inkwell seems never done!

I do have some exciting news however, I have been selected to be part of the Place and Memory project.

8 artists were chosen out of over 30 applicants to work alongside artist Emma Bolland, curator Judit Bodor and photographer Tom Rodgers who will be our mentors. I was lucky enough to be one of the eight. Emma, Judit and Tom are working on their own project – Milky Way you will hear me call. 

Our three mentors are helping us all to develop professionally, from practical skills to critical skills, social media to curatorship. I am really looking forward to the next few months and wonder where this will take me.

So, 8 artists, one film, an exhibition and a book finished and shown in October 2013 at the Love Arts festival in Leeds.

We visited the exhibition venue last week, it’s a fairly dark oppressive church in Leeds city centre. Although, last time I visited the pews were still in place. It has been stripped back to reveal a large open atrium in the middle. I believe services still run there so we would have to bear this in mind when curating our show.

I have been thinking about the theme ‘Place and Memory’ and what ideas I could put forwards. Having an interest and a background in science  I started to think about what memories actually are, how they affect us, how we behave and make up who we are. Surely we are the result of our memories, each one shaping our fears, hopes and aspirations. They make up the very fabric of our personalities.

Other avenues of interest so far have been the idea and theories about collective memory, our dream and sleep states and the neuroscience of the formation of new memories.


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