Nordic Ice Queen Bracelet

I can’t believe it’s September already and whilst on the bus through the suburbs today I was studying all the trees on route, admiring the Horse Chestnuts hanging heavy with ripe conkers, their leaves tinged with yellow edges. The Sycamores with their delicate seeds waiting to disperse in the wind. It was apparent that Autumn wasn’t far away.


brown-33476_640My thoughts took me back to my own childhood days and the stories my partner would share with me about his childhood. He still keeps his prize winning conker that is attached firmly to a white shoe lace in amongst his box of treasures and memories. I remember collecting Beech Nuts off the autumn floor with my friend Gabriella, which we would scoff and enjoy at school break times. I still don’t know if they were meant to be eaten, but we certainly ate bucket loads and are still here to tell the tale! At the weekends we played for hours in her garden den making perfume from rose petals and other such delicate flower parts. As a child of the 70’s I enjoyed such simple and naive pass times without today’s modern technology and gadgetry.

The cold breeze of late August and the onset of Autumn has had me reaching for my darker and warmer clothing and has toned down my general choice of colour palette. While rummaging through my bead tray I found a beautiful large stone that had mauve, indigo and grey hues to it. It’s always been a favourite but I never quite knew what to do with it. I believe it is a Dragon Vein stone of some kind but can’t be sure exactly.


This bracelet is my latest piece and is a homage to Nordic and Scandinavian winters with the beautiful soft grey gemstone as it’s focal….

viking nordic cuff 2



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