New Copper Wire Work Necklace

I can’t believe it’s been nearly six weeks since I made any sort of jewellery, or even attempted to be creative for that matter and that’s why I haven’t been blogging too. For me, it’s been one of the hardest, longest winters I can remember and it’s left me feeling really unmotivated and a bit blue.

Easter weekend has been a really uplifting one, not only has it provided me with a much needed break from work but we have had sunshine and blue skies and more importantly, I have had some spare time to think about wire!

To get me through the cold snap and endless snow we had in March I went shopping for supplies for my bead stash in the hope that new beads would rejuvenate me and my work. It worked! The new beads arrived last week and I was itching to pick up the pliers and have a go again.

This latest piece has been inspired by nature. A cluster of leaves ( seems I have Spring/ Summer on the brain) embellished with Garnet nuggets and Turquoise. I struggled at first to get it balanced as these non symmetrical designs can prove to require a bit more thought. I wasn’t too rusty at my craft which surprised and reassured me and I spent a really relaxing day in my new armchair, table, tools, Easter chocolates and a hot brew at hand. It was the perfect way to unwind and spend a bank holiday.


copper leaf garnet necklace 4

I must just tell you about my new armchair too. It was a bargain for only £10 from a second hand store and it’s just the most comfortable chair in the world, with wide arms so I can rest my tools and bits and bobs close to hand. The only problem is that I sometimes ( hmmm.. actually, most of the time) I have to give it up or share it with my cat! Trust me when I say I am not the master of this house!

So, I hope this new stash of beads and the longer daylight hours will mean a burst of energy and new designs. If I set myself the task of creating at least two pieces a week I would be, for now, happy.


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