New Copper Wire Jewellery Necklaces

It looks like I have fallen back in love with copper! It’s been such a productive weekend for me as I have completed two new necklaces and both quite different in style. It’s good practice to sketch ideas and do preliminary work beforehand – although I must confess I rarely do. It’s been such a while since I made any wire jewellery I thought it might help get those creative juices flowing again and it seemed to do the trick. The past few evenings I have sat up in bed, late at night, sketching ideas, only to find myself with the bedside lamp still on and a pen and pad under the duvet with me in the morning! Oh, it’s so glamorous!

I’m loving using darker, richer colours at the moment (maybe as winter is drawing near) – Lapis Lazuli and Malachite in particular. With these new pieces emerging I think I may start off a new collection ‘Luna’ – pieces named after the moon or goddesses of the moon.

Here are the necklaces I have just finished.

‘Ayla’ – Turkish name meaning Moonlight

The neighbours must have been completely fed up with me at the weekend. This heavy gauge wire really takes some hammering! I’m loving working with this chunky gauge wire, it’s making everything so robust and the thickness of it allows you do quite different things to it.

‘Maha’ – Arabic name meaning Moon


  1. hi . l love wire work specially copper. this piece is really special . l liked it . by the way Maha is mean moon in Persian(Farsi) not arabic . in arabic maha mean gazelle. and called the women who have big beautiful eyes .

    • Amanda

      Hi Efi, Wow! Thats really interesting. Thankyou for letting me know. Thanks for visiting my page and your lovely comment.

  2. Heather Reply

    This is so gorgeous.

  3. ohhhh! These are sooo beautiful! Keep hammering away! My best productive hours are at night, though my best creative thinking times are first thing after waking up! However that might not be “early” in the morning, but it’s very early in MY day!

    • Amanda

      Thanks Mary. I think we’re very similar in that!

  4. Carolyn Reply

    I saw the Maha on Pinterest and had to click over here to get a closer look. Gorgeous, and stunning work. I also love copper. 🙂

    • Amanda

      Thanks so much Carolyn. 🙂

  5. Louise Reply

    I love your work!!!

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