Navajo Inspired Copper Bracelets

I am really trying to stay with the bracelet making. However, every time I make the focal I am torn whether as to convert it into a necklace! ‘Ooh, that would make a nice pendant’ I say, holding it up against my neck, but I have stood my ground and stuck to the plan.

I was in Manchester a few weeks back and came across a lovely little bead shop in Afflecks Palace. They sold¬† a few gemstones and quite a few copper beads so naturally I stocked up. Trying to be sensible ( which I rarely am when stood in a bead shop) I didn’t go crazy, but in hindsight wished I had got a few more as I am using them up fast. Amongst the stones I bought were some lovely turquoise nuggets with good veining and patternation, this formed the focal to this bracelet. I married the blue with its opposite, red, in the form of nuggets.

I bought a Navajo style bracelet years back that was turquoise with red beads and always loved the colour combination. I have taken this colouring as inspiration for this copper piece.

Turquoise is a very popular gemstone today and has been used widely throughout history. It was first mined back in 5000 BC by the early Egyptians and has been used by the Native American Indians as far back as 1600. Turquoise is believed to promote healing and good luck and can come in many colour forms ranging from greens to blues. Another gemstone that is frequently used is red Coral which is said to aid in the circulation of the body and enrich the blood.

Navajo jewellery is usually silver and the classic combination of Silver with Turquoise that is so symbolic of Native American Indian jewellery is believed to have originated from the work of a Mexican silversmith in the 1800’s.


Navajo Inspired Copper Bracelet


  1. You are very talented. Beautiful work. I think this one is my favorite, only because I really like the turquoise and copper. Both bracelets are absolutely beautiful.

    • Amanda

      Thankyou Linda. I love using the red/ turquoise combination. Turquoise is my favourite gemstone too.

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