More Wire Vessels and Vases


For some reason I am just not in the right head space to make new designs so a I am sticking with what I know. I was out the other day and saw this lovely tall and slender glass vase in a second-hand shop so I bought it to upcycle into another wire decorated piece.

The crackle vases I bought before were a little distracting with the intricate¬† and busy wirework so I wanted some plain glass to work on. However, the general consensus about the crackle effect on the glass is good. I asked friends and colleagues and they all said that it was fine. Maybe it’s just me seeing too much, you know how us artists always only ever see our mistakes. Now I have finished my second piece I do think the plain glass has made a difference for the better.

I decided to opt out of putting beads and stones in this one. The vase was so tall and sleek, I didn’t want to take that tall lean line away from it by adding too much fuss.





The two vases side by side.

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