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It’s been a rather productive few days for me which I have to say makes a really pleasant change. I feel really elevated that I managed to finish two pieces in just four days. Oh I do love working this way, intense hours and little sleep, but it is so worth it! I just don’t find anything else as therapeutic or calming as painting. Why don’t I just do it more often? I know how good it makes me feel.

After concentrating on such structured and detailed work for a while, I was finding it really hard to just let go, paint, and not worry about what exactly I was painting! This new abstract style is certainly challenging for me.

I have been wanting to have a go at a Jackson Pollock inspired piece for ages and after managing to get myself a new canvas I finally got round to attempting it. I have had a poster of one of his works on my kitchen wall for years. It’s probably one of the only bought pieces of artwork that’s in my whole flat. That sounds really bad, but believe me when you are a painter, wall space becomes very precious! I was interested in how Pollock made his marks, the control and spontaneity, and anyway, it looked like it could be fun trying.

Well, it went drastically wrong, as usual I dived straight in without planning what I was going to do first….so….I had to just keep going. There was no way I was going to let this one escape! The resulting painting is probably my strangest piece of work to date. It’s very different to anything I have painted before but there was something odd and quirky about it that I quite liked.


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