Mata Hari – Sun Necklace


I was feeling really elated after finishing my last two necklaces. My jewellery making and creativity had really reached a barren spot so it was nice to have something finally emerge, like a seed it has germinated, grown and blossomed.

The two necklaces were hung on my dresser mirror, one on top of the other, and laying in bed one morning I noticed how interesting the two looked together. It gave me the idea to try to merge the two designs into one piece. So, the next day, I dug out the hammer and anvil and started to flatten the wire pieces, adding texture later with the ball pein hammer. This gave me the basis for my fan design. I couldn’t quite get this one how I liked it and played around with colours and frames for a while. Originally the centre stone was Turquoise but the colour along with the straight lines made it look too severe. Replaing the focal stone with some softer toned Sunstone gave more of the effect I was after.

The fan of copper reminded me of the suns rays so having a beautiful Sunstone bead as the focal seemed quite appropriate. Now all I had to do was think of a name!

Although I was brought up in Malaysia I knew very little of the language, my mothers attempts for me to learn the native tongue failed miserably. Most of the Malay words I know are unfortunately curse words, foods or simple phrases. I do remember the word for sun though:  Mata Hari. This was of course, also the name of the infamous exotic dancer and accused German spy during World War I. I felt there was something exotic about this necklace so this was the name I have stuck with.

Mata : Malay meaning Eye

Hari : Malay meaning  Day

Mata Hari:  literally means Eye of Day (referring to the Sun)

Mata Hari – Copper Sun Necklace

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