Handmade Copper Wire Necklaces

The Tribal & Myth Collection is made up of designs that have been inspired by myth, folklore and legends, celebrating the diverse ancient cultures and religions from around the world, from Norse mythology to Mayan Culture.

The work of Shakespeare and the legends of King Arthur have also provided ideas for a few of the designs. Magical realms, warriors, queens, goddesses provide me with a plentiful supply of ideas and designs.

Ethnic and Tribal copper necklaces are also included in this collection. These copper necklaces are inspired by Middle Eastern, Nomadic and African Design and costume. Statement pieces that reflect my love of the exotic and tribal style and the beautiful colours of Middle Eastern Art.



This collection of necklaces are pieces of jewellery that have been inspired by nature. I use colour schemes or floral and leaf forms to express my love of the natural world.  (You can read more about what inspires me and my creative journey in my Blog.)



  1. I really want to buy the tribal weave agf.tas a gift. How do I contact you for the commission?

    • Amanda

      Hi Dave, Im so sorry i missed your comment. Ive not been checking my site as regularly lately. Hope you managed to find something else you liked for your gift.

  2. Jenny Reply

    Exquisite and beautiful pieces of jewelery, enhancing your creative talent.

    • Amanda

      Thanks Jenny. I will be listing more pieces as I make them. Keep checking my blog for the lastest additions.

  3. Donna Reply

    this is looking amazing it really shows off your beautiful work!

    • Amanda

      Thankyou Donna. Glad you like the new look site!

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