Jewellery Tag Design Ideas

I’ve been having a break from jewellery making to concentrate on the Place and Memory Project which really has been such a wonderful opportunity. I’ve been drawing and painting more than I have done in over a year and it feels great. A brand new approach and style is developing and I’m really excited with what could come out of it all.

I haven’t totally neglected the jewellery side of things however, even though I haven’t got my wire and pliers out for a while, I did spend this evening revamping some jewellery tags.

Using one of my old ink drawings….

and a template I found for Holiday gift tags on the Ambrosia Creative Blog ( yes, I know it’s a bit early to be mentioning Christmas….sorry….)

I used a bit of photoshop magic to design my own. I’ve created these personalised jewellery tags to add to my parcels. I think it’s very important how we present our jewellery to our customers and would hope that receiving a parcel from Wire Moon would be as pleasurable a experience as possible. I’m liking the idea of having tag shaped business cards too!

I love adding these little finishing touches to my jewellery and enjoy being able to incorporate my artwork into this side of things too. I have to admit, I also enjoy noodling around on Photoshop for hours sometimes.

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