Ink and Colour Illustration


Having been working on black and white colour schemes for a while I decided I would try a touch of colour. Anyone who knows my work knows I won’t stay away from colours for long.

I have always been interested in illustrative work and tried to include it to a certain extent into my paintings with the use of repeating patterns, circles and lines. Returning back to paper and ink I could get a lot more detail in than before. I still need to get hold of some proper Rotring technical drawing pens, these just aren’t fine enough and I’ve learnt that the paper has to be right too. Still, overall I am pleased with how it’s turned out but there is definitely plenty of room for improvement. That’s what I love about what I do. I love learning new skills, even if it’s the littlest detail that might help you to get a better result the next time, applying what you have learnt and hopefully edging towards something created to the best of your ability.



Untitled I- 2012


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