How it all began – My journey into wirework

I have just finished updating and doing some spring cleaning on my site. ( I know its mid winter but nothing like dusting away cobwebs ready for Chrsitmas!) My goodness, I had left the site it in a right old state! I do apologise for this if you have visited wire moon and found links not to work.

So, I cleared up some of my older photos that I felt looked out of date, combined and streamlined some pages, and added a new Accessories section.  It all got me curious to see if I could find some even older photos from when I first started my journey into wire work. It was 2009 when I first discovered wire work jewellery and 2001 when I acquired my first ever pair of jewellery pliers. I have made jewellery as a hobby for many many years but relied on shop bought findings and components. I remember my very first attempts were a simple thong and pendant with some beads strung on.

The first thing I ever saw made out of wire using wire work as a technique was a ring. I was blown away! so much so that I HAD to learn how to do it for myself. I was fascinated to understand how many pieces of wire went into making a design and in fact I still do whenever I see other artists work.

My first ever wire jewellery designs were very simple, and I suppose I have come to realise that my designs are still very simple. I can only hope that in another two years time I may be able to achieve some of the wonderful, so technically proficient work that I see on created around the world.

So, I thought I would share some of my early work with you. I know some of you are well on your journey to mastering this craft, while others have only just started.

I worked with glass beads at that time and also used silver plated wires as well as copper. I loved lampwork beads but I soon dicovered the wonderful world of gemstones and learnt to love the earthy feel and look of copper which I now much prefer to silver.


Sari Silk Bangle

Glass bead silver Bangle

Crochet gemstone bracelet

Wrapped Stone Pendant

Silver wrapped Bracelet

I still love to make jewellery and the passion and longing to master the wire has not gone away. Maybe in another two years I will be posting about the stuff I make now. I do hope so! I think progression and development is vital for any artist. I still have quite a few disasters, wires get scrumpled up and wasted, tempers lost sometimes and designs and ideas just don’t work. By no means does everything I make turn out perfect or even seem half decent.

If practice really does make perfect, then hopefully I can acheive that perfect piece somewhere down the line…

My advice to others who are trying to learn. Never give up. Dont be too hard on yourself, we all learn from our mistakes. Have fun and just play!

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