Handmade Copper Earrings

I decided to try my hand at earrings, something I had not made for a while. It always puts me off having to make an exact replica in order to make up a matching pair. However, it was a challenge I was willing to face!

So, I played and I played. I was getting nowhere as I was not used to working on a small scale. The first earring took me about three hours of working out, trimming, weaving and unweaving. Thankfully making the second one, once I knew what I was doing, was more straight forwards.

These were the first pair I produced. The copper alone looked a little masculine so I added a smalll pearlised pink glass bead dangle to the design. I made a concious decision NOT to use  turquoise or blue as I do in the majority of my designs.

Copper weave earrings


Then a whole series or earrings emerged…..


Hammered Leaf Earrings

Burnt Copper Leaf Earrings


Finally, some large gypsy style earrings using dark green glass beads I acquired a few  years ago.

Gypsy Green Leaf earrings


[You can see more earrings I have made here…….]





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