I am so thrilled you visited my site today and had a little look at the work I create.  According to my site stats I have visitors from all over the world which is just incredible.

Leave a little note below in the comments form, just to say Hi, or any comments you want to share.

It would be great to hear from you!


  1. Betsy Reply

    Dear Amanda,

    I saw the amazing photo of the twisted tree roots. I am in the process of writing an inspirational book about trees and wondered if you held the copyright license for this photo?



    • Amanda

      Hi Betsy, the photos were taken by me, so yes.

  2. Jo Hill Reply

    Hello Amanda,

    I love your paintings, I have seen some of your work at Brenda’s house and think it is amazing. Have you got anything you are selling? Or maybe I could commission something? Please email me . thanks x

  3. Denise Parent Reply

    What beautiful a talent you have Amanda!!! I can only wish to do such beautiful work .
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year.

    • Amanda

      Hi Denise
      Thank you so much and may I wish you all the best for 2014 too!

  4. Terry Reply

    Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. You are extremely creative and talented in making it work! I wish I had just a very small portion of your abilities. Fabulous pieces with such intricate details. I love every one of these – can’t even determine which one is my most favorite piece. Keep up the work – you can see the pleasure and enjoyment you receive in designing such unique items. I also love the natural materials and look without it being “overdone.”

    • Amanda

      Hi Terry
      Thank you for your lovely comments and feedback. It is so wonderful to know that my work brings pleasure to others. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and hoping 2014 will be a wonderful year for you and your family.

    • Amanda

      Thank you Neena. Hopefully there will be more to follow. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. 🙂

  5. Really beautiful work. I have enjoyed browsing through your pages and being inspired by your technique. Congratulations on your Vogue article!

    • Amanda

      Hi, thanks for popping by and saying hello. It’s always lovely to hear from visitors and thankyou for your lovely comments x

  6. Hello Amanda,
    I am from Italy, and I did find your website by search engine.
    Your jobs are really amazing!!
    I have fallen in love with of your copper nacklace (‘Maha’ – Arabic name meaning Moon).
    thank you!!!

    • Amanda

      Hi Anna
      Maha is a brand new creation that I made last week. So glad you like it. Thanks for visiting me here at Wire Moon and leaving such a lovely comment x

  7. Hello!

    I just love your jewerly!!!
    I’ve visited your site many times and I admire your ability to make fresh, natural jewerly art.
    Greetings from Finland!

    • Amanda

      Hi Mirkka. Lovely to hear from you in Finland! Thankyou for visiting my site and for your lovely comments. Hope to get making more new things in the future so hope you can pop by again. Thankyou so much xx

  8. Jo Hill Reply

    Beautiful, beautiful work Amanda!

    • Amanda

      Thankyou Jo for your lovely comment and support.

  9. Connie Kraus Reply

    I absolutely love your work! All of it; the jewelry to the lampshades. If the festivities at the mid-summer party matched the decorations, it must have been fabulously fun.

    • Fran Paget

      Really enjoy looking at all the Wiremoon jewellery and artwork – each item seems so inspired and unique – I admire how you use such diverse influences as woodland folk and battle warriors, making items of jewellery that look beautiful and at the same time fun to wear, simple and yet sophisticated!
      Also especially love your leaf artwork and the colours you use – regardless of the season (and its finally Spring here in NZ lol) please keep up the good work Amanda n Willow!

    • Amanda

      Hi Fran, how great to hear from you all the way over in NZ. Thankyou for your really lovely comments. Willow is a great help and supervisor of my work. She does tend to nap on the job a lot though! Hope you visit wiremoon again soon.

    • Amanda

      Hi Connie, thanks for popping by and saying hello. The midsummer festival was indeed great fun. Glad you liked the look of the decor.

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