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Sadly, my favourite gemstone shop closed down and relocated. It used to be on a regular route of mine and I would always pop in for a restock. You always end up spending more than you anticipate though! Not because their prices are high, but I am sure fellow beaders and jewellers will know that bead shops are like sweet shops for us.

Rowell Trading now only accepts trade customers but a visit to their warehouse is highly recommended. They are so friendly and helpful and the choice is superb. It is a bit of a trek for me but i still go as there is nowhere else in West Yorkshire that matches it as far as I am concerned.  A room stacked high with racks and racks of beautiful gemstones, gemchips, undrilled stones, its pure paradise!

Apart from Rowell Trading, I shop a lot on Ebay for gemstones and these are usually shipped in from abroad. Buying from the internet can be disappointing sometimes unless you are very careful to check sizes and measurements. I have ordered beads that I thought to be much bigger and when they have arrived they have been tiny!

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