Elven Fae Jewellery


It had been ages since I made any necklaces but when I got the beautiful Labradorite last month I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Inspired by Elven Costume and Woodland colours here are two new necklaces.


Elven Necklace

The Labradorite is just so beautiful and the subtle blue green colouring compliments the copper perfectly – definitely need to order more of these! Aventurine and Peace stone Jasper are also soft coloured stones that sit nicely together.




Woodland Sprite Necklace

The Woodland Sprite uses hues of green with dragon vein Agate, light green Agate centre bead and new Jade gem chips. The copper woven leaf centre was recycled from another necklace I made last year. I am finding reworking of old pieces quite rewarding and a handy tip is to never throw away your components or practise pieces – sometimes with a fresh pair of eyes and a little more work you can turn them into something you are proud of.

The overall design has come out quite fun and mischievous with the copper swirls dancing around the stones, reminding me of the antics and gaiety of those cheeky little sprites that live deep in the woods.


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