Copper Wire Jewellery

This week I have been a very happy girl indeed as I visited my favourite bead shop and discovered a fantastic online gemstone retailer called Sunny Beads. I am completely stocked up with lots of Turquoise (including some Red Turquoise) various Agates – Greens, Red, Purple and some matt Agate too. I also found really large Amazonite and Ukanite stones and more lovely feminine Rose Quartz.

I was all ready to go. A free weekend to get wire working, loads of new beads…

Then… No wire!

How could I be so neglectful andf forget to get more wire? I couldn’t be defeated so I rummaged round and found some heavy gauged wire that I usually use for making bowls and plates and gave it a go.

This week I also promised myself that I was going to calm down on the necklace making front for a while. I was to concentrate on bangles and bracelets as I realised that I wasn’t providing much choice for ladies who preferred to wear their jewellery on their hands and wrists. So, bangles and bracelets, then maybe rings.

The thicker wire seemed to do a decent job and I begun, rather tentatively, as I hadn’t made a bracelet for over a year now. Was it was inevitable that my first attempt somehow became yet another necklace?  I quite like the vibrancy of the Red Turquoise. I can tell it’s going to become a favourite of mine.


Amazonite and copper necklace

Copper necklace using the large Amazonite stone and vibrant Red Turquoise.



My perserverance paid off  and did manage a bracelet in the end!

Agate Copper bracelet

Copper wire jewellery

Copper and Blue Dragonvein Agate

I am thrilled with my new beads, opting for some brighter colours too this time. The sun was out today and Spring was in the air.


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