Copper Wire Bracelets Reworked

Today was the submissions deadline for the All Wired Up Exhibition and my parcel of work has been sent off to Walford Mills in Dorset. The collection is a culmination of older pieces and brand new work. After such intense work I struggled to find new ideas to create pieces from scratch so had a look at reworking some older pieces that I felt could do with a bit more TLC.

My Elven Cuff Bracelets were some my favourite pieces but when I revisted them I could see many flaws in their design.

Elven Cuff Bracelets

I reworked them and am much happier with the new results. They are more robust in design and I used some softer coloured gemstones.

Water and Earth

Fire and Ice

If you would like to see some of my work at Dorset Mills, the exhibition will run from Saturday 2nd March – Sun 14th April. There is work by several other wire artists.


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