Copper and Gemstone Wire Necklaces

Things have been a bit tough lately and I haven’t had the time to be creative. I am sure lots of you can relate to this frustration when you really want to create, but just can’t. It seemed everything was stacked against me, a messy house, a poorly pet, stresses at work. Then that feeling of panic sets in. The more you realise you haven’t done anything, the more you slump into a low feeling where your mind actually can’t express itself creatively.

Then at last, I found a window of opportunity! I was still feeling a bit low so started work on some chokers that I had sketched out a few months ago. Phew! It was a relief to get going again and the repetitive nature of the wirework in these designs was just what I needed. Before long I was feeling relaxed and inspired again.


I found while working on these chokers that the frame I had made was a little too flimsy to work around. A thicker gauge next time was needed. The pieces I made after this, I think are my favourite pieces to date. Now, it could be that I am just so happy to be back making, anything produced was something to be proud of but I really am pleased with how these turned out.

These freeform designs were so much fun to do. I loved working with the large gemstones and will no doubt have to source some more for future projects.

‘Icelandic Queen’

It was this African Opal stone that inspired me to name some of the series after parts of the world. This one is ‘African Queen’

The last of my large gemstone pendants – Blue Agate with some Yellow Opal.

This is a faux Amber bead I acquired years ago. I am afraid I can’t quite afford a real Amber stone with that much detail in quite yet!

Some Agate and Fluorite and a little bright red glass just to tease!

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